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The folks at 123 Ready TV! are dedicated to bringing the best in video/audio 
entertainment to you at an affordable price.  The whole world is moving to internet streaming... HBO... CNN... FOX... and
123 Ready TV! is here first, to lead the way with a reliable, advance video player so simple to use any one can master internet streaming within minutes.  As its name implies, 123 Ready TV! is simple to use and install. The video player is build to play any video or audio stream common on the internet.  You install streaming guides or add-ons that provide links content streams across the internet.

123 Ready TV! has even made the task simple by arranging for you to have the opportunity to install and configure the most popular streaming guides as part of your registration with just a few clicks of the mouse. And you can always add more, but the guides we have chosen are all the ones we use and found to provide everything we look for Streaming is 24/7, on demand viewing of the things you want to watch.

123 ReadyTV! is a modification of open source software, available without charge and there is nothing included here that could not be programmed or obtained by you for free.  We have just taken the geek factor out for your convenience so you can download and use with certainty, while also providing a 3 year limited warranty so that you can be assured you will still be streaming for years to come.

123 Ready TV! does not provide any video or audio content, stream such content, or provide links to video or other content.  Such functionality is provided by streaming guides or add-ons that you install.  You are free to modify the streaming guides or ad-dons and other features at any time, however, any modification of the video player itself, will void your coverage under the limited warranty. 123 Ready TV! does not condone copyright violation and adherence to such rights is the responsibility of the user.

123ReadyTV! is an open source program that can be modified by you in any manner and you many also request a copy of the code and or program ("bare version") without the special programming to install streaming guide/add-ons by writing us at PO Box 531, White Springs Florida, 32096. Please provide a working email address if requesting the program code and to order the "bare" version send your name, mailing address and $7.95 to cover the cost of USB Flash drive, handling and shipping

*You can modify 123 ReadyTV!, but please understand that if you do modify the program, other than the addition or deletion of streaming guides or add-ons which are not considered modifications, you will void the limited warranty and terminate any coverage provided, thereby.